Monday, March 4, 2013

Christmas/New Years Eve

Again.. I fail at blogging. I'm going to throw a ton of pictures out there just to catch up time. So here we go :) 

I like to have pictures taken of us once every season. Of course, I can't afford a photographer so I have to give my camera to my little sister and attempt to edit the pictures myself. I wish more than anything that I had a nice camera. The Canon T3i is will be my next big spend as soon as I get enough money.

Next, Christmas!
He bought me the most amazing Christmas presents :) First off, purple is my favorite color. Taylor Swift is my favorite artist, I needed new perfume and it's purple. How perfect is that? He also got me the little puppy because he couldn't get me a real one before he left. And finally, he got a necklace with a "J" on it :) I love it all!!

 My first carriage ride! :)
Eating Breaking on Christmas Eve at Kneaders :)
Since i'm not so good at writing, I put together videos that show how my Christmas break went :)

Lastly, New Years Eve!

We spent our morning watching New Years Eve (the movie) and started out night off at the Provo Mall.
We then went over to a YSA dance :)
We ended our night at Ihop where creeper friends took pictures of us ;)

Phew, now that I'm somewhat caught up, I can finally start blogging again :) 

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  1. You guys make me smile and giggle and such :) So adorable, you are together!


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