Sunday, January 16, 2011

You Know You're a Missionary Girlfriend If....

I found this on a website and totally love it :)

You know you're a MG if:

*The mailman/woman knows what you are looking for everyday in the mail and tells you if you got a letter or not
*You take pictures with the intention of sending them to your missionary.
*You can't even hold your boyfriend in your dreams cause somehow the mission rules creep into dreams as well
*You check the weather for a city you don't even live in...everyday
*You check the news headlines for a city you can't go to
*You check your email 500 times a day on P-day
*You know exactly how long it takes for your letters to be sent to your missionary!
*You also know exactly how long it takes for his letters to get to you!
*You know your missionary's address my heart, because you've sent him so many letters.
*You walk around walmart looking for cute package ideas to send him
*Mothers day is right up there with Christmas now, even though you arn't a mother.
*If someone ever told you to learn patience you would freak out...if anyone knows's us
*Here you are all grown up and you feel like you have, yet again, an imaginary boyfriend
*You don't wear your favorite perfume cause it was also HIS favorite you save it to spray on letters
*You hold off 2 years on seeing a movie because you know that he would love to see it with you.
*You know exactly how long he has been gone, and exactly how long until he gets back.
*Calls from his family get almost as exciting as calls from him
*You find yourself wearing your hair the way your missionary BF likes it, even though he isn't around to enjoy it.
*you have a box full of letters sitting in your room and whenever you really miss your missionary you read them.
*Your screen saver and/or your desktop picture is pictures of both of you...or just him.
*You wonder if you'll ever have enough time or money to make up for two years worth of lost memories.
*Your youngest brother prays - BY NAME - for your missionary in family prayers. (true story!)
*You have a newfound intrest in foreign food -- for instance swedish fish and meatballs.
*Even your coworkers know when email day is and get excited for you giving high-fives and and talking about it all day.
*you have at least 3 calendars & they all are counting down to the day when your missionary comes home.
*you buy stamps in bulk.
*just hearing someone mention something about missionary work gets your complete attention.
*After you hit the one year mark, you subconciously begin planning your wedding.. looking at dresses, figuring out invitations..
*You look for excuses to drive past the temple because it inspires you to keep holding on to him!
*The people at the post office recognize you and know you by name.
*if you go out and do things sometimes just so you can tell your missionary you did them so he thinks you're doing alright...
*every time something exciting happens you think hmm....I wish he was here.
*You look at the time; then figure out the time difference; then wonder what he's doing at that very moment
*You are walking in the mall and you pass a tie rack.. somehow now your walking backwards to look at the ties and possibly buy one.
*You kiss the stuffed animal or promise ring he gave you before he left everynight before bed
*The day after he leaves you decided you need to get in shape for when he gets back home.. hahaha
*You have deep dislikement for anyone that laughed after you have told them you have a missionary
*You plan out the outfit you'll wear when you finally get to see him again
* You have your life planned out until that day in which he returns.. then you've got nothing but hope.
*You find yourself accidentally calling his number because you've dialed it so much
*You eat a skittle every night...or do something of the sort to help pass the days
*you have a gazillion countdown clocks on every imaginable place to put them.
*Not only do you have countdown clocks, but also count up clocks
*Your room is filled with pictures of your missionary and some guys you don't know
*Buying stamps is suddenly almost as exciting as buying new shoes.
*Your weeks no longer start on Sundays, they begin the day of the week he left, it helps you keep track of just how long he's been gone... Sometimes you wish you could get a calendar that starts on that day of the week too.
*You are one of the few girls who would rather NOT talk about her boyfriend to people you just meet because you know they are all pretty much going to tell you the same thing the last person said when you say they're gone on a mission, "you know, two years is a long time, a lot can happen...." etc... haha. (like we didn't know two years is a long time... sheesh)
*You now hate those firesides where the talk is all about getting married as soon as possible, but just go for refreshments and suffer through it.
*During the day you think about what you're going to write him in the next letter.
*you are constantly defending the fact that you have a boyfriend that you won't see for 2 years
*any time you see a guy in a suit you get excited because it might be an MG's missionary!
*if you run into the house squealing your family doesn't even ask- they already know why- you got a letter!
*you have a stuffed animal he gave you that you sleep with every night
*you want to beat halo 3 because you know how excited your missionary would be that you beat it
*you say things that only other girls waiting for a missionary would say and not think is absolutely ridiculous like "ONLY 673 days left!"
*you know what an MG is!!!

    Sunday, January 2, 2011

    Christmas/New Year 2011!!

    Wow, Christmas and New Years went by way too fast. It's now January 2... Which is 37  days away from Feb 9 (the day Preston leaves) and time is just going by faster and faster every day. But ya know what, i'm just trying to enjoy everyday i have left with him :)
    We had a LOT of fun over Christmas Break :)
    We made a awesome gingerbread house at our ugly Christmas sweater party :)

    We made snowmen that are holding hands :p

    We also took the trax up to Salt Lake :)

    And we went to Temple Square :)                   
    And for Christmas i got a Dallas Cowboys jersey (our favorite team) and a beautiful locket and a bracelet :) He always gives me the best presents. Now school just starts in three days... I'm not so excited about that. But i AM excited about applying for a BYU study abroad soon :) I can't decide if i wanna go to Vienna Austria or Italy... It's a tough decision. 
    As of right now, i'm just trying to get as much out of my time with Preston as possible. And i'm trying to keep everything as normal as possible :) as in, even if i'm thinking about it all the time, i'm not talking about it non stop. Which i think is good :) 

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