Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Goal: The Hunger Games

Now that my boyfriend is on a mission, I do stuff like this. Spend nights in the library reading depressing books.
But seriously, I have an announcement. Ok world. I've officially given in. I just finished the 3rd chapter of the first book in the Hunger Games series. I was always against reading it because it's what everyone else was doing. But my MG roommate (Kaydee :)) somehow talked me into reading it. So this was how I spent my night. Reading. In my local library. With my sisters. They'd always look up and say, "What part are you on?" and then smile and nod their heads when I told them. I figured it's something new to start and enjoy while my boy is gone :) I'm always up for setting new goals. Which is why I'm going to finish this book before the movie comes out, and then see the movie. I'll let you know what I think of the books.. So far, as of Chapter 3, I'm not that big of a fan and think it's pretty depressing.. But I will admit, it's addicting. 

Happy 20th Birthday Elder Wright!! :)

Today. Wednesday, December 28th 2011 is the day my sweetheart, Preston Dale Wright turns                 20 years old!!!

And this is a picture of us exactly one year ago today. We went bowling :) 
I am just proud of him. So I am going to celebrate this blessed day by sharing 20 reasons why I love him
(expect some really random reasons)
  1. I love his honesty, and that he tells me everything, and I can tell him everything.
  2. I love that he appreciates a good key change in a song - just like I do.
  3. I love all the crazy things he's done just because I asked him to. Ex: Dying my hair
  4. I love his testimony of the gospel, and I love how he values it and how he's spending 2 years of life in the service of the Lord.
  5. I love that he waited in line with me ALL day long to see Twilight :) while wearing an "I love Twilight" Basically I just love that he goes to sappy chick-flicks with me.
  6. I love his attitude towards his family and his mom. He's so respectful in every way possible.
  7. I love that he would tell me "Goodnight" and "Good morning" and "I love you" every single day. And how he'd wait up for me to get ready for bed because he wanted to call me to say Goodnight. 
  8. I love how he just lights up a room simply by smiling :) 
  9. I love that he goes Black Friday shopping with me :) even when it's way too early in the morning.
  10. I love that he took me to do baptisms in my favorite temple (slc) right before he left. 
  11. I love that he always gets me the best/most meaningful presents :)
  12. I love that he always remembers our month anniversaries, even when I sometimes forget.
  13. I love when I'm driving and he just starts singing to me :)
  14. I love that he writes me every week and records himself just because he knows how much videos and letters mean to me.
  15. I love the way he listens to me when I have to vent, complain or just simply talk.
  16. I love the way he says he loves me after he teases me.
  17. I love that every day, I find a new thing to love about him.
  18. I love that he smiles and always tells me, "You're gonna love it" when I have to go to a doctor to get a shot, or get blood taken. Because he knows how much I hate it.  I also love that he always comes with me :) 
  19. I love that he trusts me. 
  20. I love that he loves me, and makes me feel like I'm perfect for him :) Because I know that he's perfect for me :)
 Preston, if you're reading this, Happy Birthday Sweetheart <3

I love you :) 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merriest Christmas Ever!!

I will never forget this Christmas. It was the first year I actually "came home" for Christmas. It was the first year without my sweetheart. It was the first Christmas since I've lived in Utah where there wasn't any snow on the ground. It was the first Christmas I got to skype with him :) It was the first year where I wasn't too excited about opening any of my presents because I had already opened my package from him. And nothing beats his presents :) Basically... This Christmas was amazing. Here's a little view of it:
We got so much time to talk. I really am one lucky girl :) 
"Ok I'm gonna take a picture"
"Should I do this?"
"Yes. It looks great :)"
I opened this package in front of him over skype :) so he got to see my reaction. And let me tell you. I was freaking out. I got the one thing I've been wanting for SO long!! His name tag!!! I also got:
One of his ties soaked in his cologne <3
A memory card with 30 videos <3
An amazing light up glass keychain with our picture etched inside <3
A little scarf <3
A card with Hungarian money inside <3
And of course, an amazing letter <3 <3 :) :) 
I am in love with it :) and him :) he's seriously the best.
A few weeks ago Preston asked me to email him some pictures. So I said, 
"Of course! Here are a couple of my favorites. Am I allowed to know why you randomly need these pictures?"
"I just love you so much :) is that a good enough reason? :) Because you are the love of my life!! :)"
But now I know why he needed pictures. For this :) :) ^^^ I freaking love it!!! Without fail, he gets me thee best gifts every year.
I wore the cologne soaked tie all day. Who wouldn't? You can't really see it but I'm also wearing his name tag <3
My sister gave this to me for Christmas. She knows me all too well :) 
Last but not least, the same sister gave this JB poster. I'm seriously so excited about it :D
Like I already said, I will never forget this Christmas :) Only one more to go before he gets home! And only 136 days till Mothers Day..... :) 
Here's a little thought on talking to him at Christmas. It was the best thing in the world. We weren't awkward, we just laughed and talked like he never even left :) And I mean waiting hasn't been getting harder as time goes on or anything. But it recharged my waiting battery 110% :) But for those of you who didn't get to talk to your boys, you are also lucky, in a way. I wouldn't say that I had a "post phone call crash" but as soon as hung up, a little piece inside of me felt as though I was back at the beginning. Cuz for those couple hours that I got to talk to him, it felt like he was home. And hanging up felt like saying "see you later" again. Of course I was still happy :) but it just made me miss him a lot more than normal. I'm fine now though :) In fact, I'm more than fine. I am so freaking pumped for this next year! I am so excited for the packages that I have planned :) I'm not worried that waiting will get hard during these next 14 months. Because I know it won't :) I'm living my life, writing him every week, praying for him every day, focusing on myself, and just having fun :) He's still on my mind 24/7, but that's just because he's always with me. Always in my heart. Which is why I feel like I can be happy, and enjoy everything that this next year will bring :) I just can't wait!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Letter to Santa

I was at Chick-Fil-A last night and they had a table where you could write letters to Santa. So I wrote one and then put it in their little mailbox <3


Well everyone, I am officially back in the good ole USA after 4 amazing months in China :) Which means I'll be updating my blog on a regular basis again! :)  
I just can't believe how fast time went. I swear I was just posting about how I was leaving. I could write a million paragraphs about all my experiences there. But that's probably a bit much huh. So I'll just tell you about my "coming home" experience.
About a week before we left, I developed a pretty nasty ear infection. I thought it would be gone before we left China. Well, that didn't happen. So I flew from Hong Kong, to Korea, to LA, to SLC with this infection. It wasn't so bad at first, but by the time we got to LA I was dying. So when we landed in Salt Lake I was in a lot of pain. But nothing beat seeing my family and friends :) I am so lucky to have other MG friends who surprised me at the airport. Ashley, Alix, you guys seriously rock :)
I also witnessed some soldiers coming home. And wanna know the cutest thing? I witnessed one soldier coming down the escalader and when he got to the bottom, his girlfriend ran up and hugged him. Right after that, he kneeled down and proposed :) Talk about making me antsy.. It kinda really made me want my boy home right then and there. 
Ok I got side tracked. Sorry. So then we left the airport and I went straight to the emergency room. I almost made it to 20 years young without ever stepping foot into that place. Dang my stupid ear infection.
(p.s. This was taken after the doctor stuck something in the ear and made me cry. I wasn't very happy)
They just gave me a ton of meds and sent me on my way. The next day I was nauseated alllllll day. I was so mad cuz I only have 2 weeks in Utah. But prayers really do work, and today I felt better. I am finally enjoying the Christmas season. I've got a lot of stuff to do in the next 3 days!
Basically, I'm just glad to be home :) It's so cliche to say, but there really is no place like home for the holidays :) 

(And just to update you, me and Preston are just better than ever :) We get to skype on Christmas and I'm awaiting a Christmas package from him. We're still more in love than ever :))

♥ 16 more Fast Sundays ♥

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