Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merriest Christmas Ever!!

I will never forget this Christmas. It was the first year I actually "came home" for Christmas. It was the first year without my sweetheart. It was the first Christmas since I've lived in Utah where there wasn't any snow on the ground. It was the first Christmas I got to skype with him :) It was the first year where I wasn't too excited about opening any of my presents because I had already opened my package from him. And nothing beats his presents :) Basically... This Christmas was amazing. Here's a little view of it:
We got so much time to talk. I really am one lucky girl :) 
"Ok I'm gonna take a picture"
"Should I do this?"
"Yes. It looks great :)"
I opened this package in front of him over skype :) so he got to see my reaction. And let me tell you. I was freaking out. I got the one thing I've been wanting for SO long!! His name tag!!! I also got:
One of his ties soaked in his cologne <3
A memory card with 30 videos <3
An amazing light up glass keychain with our picture etched inside <3
A little scarf <3
A card with Hungarian money inside <3
And of course, an amazing letter <3 <3 :) :) 
I am in love with it :) and him :) he's seriously the best.
A few weeks ago Preston asked me to email him some pictures. So I said, 
"Of course! Here are a couple of my favorites. Am I allowed to know why you randomly need these pictures?"
"I just love you so much :) is that a good enough reason? :) Because you are the love of my life!! :)"
But now I know why he needed pictures. For this :) :) ^^^ I freaking love it!!! Without fail, he gets me thee best gifts every year.
I wore the cologne soaked tie all day. Who wouldn't? You can't really see it but I'm also wearing his name tag <3
My sister gave this to me for Christmas. She knows me all too well :) 
Last but not least, the same sister gave this JB poster. I'm seriously so excited about it :D
Like I already said, I will never forget this Christmas :) Only one more to go before he gets home! And only 136 days till Mothers Day..... :) 
Here's a little thought on talking to him at Christmas. It was the best thing in the world. We weren't awkward, we just laughed and talked like he never even left :) And I mean waiting hasn't been getting harder as time goes on or anything. But it recharged my waiting battery 110% :) But for those of you who didn't get to talk to your boys, you are also lucky, in a way. I wouldn't say that I had a "post phone call crash" but as soon as hung up, a little piece inside of me felt as though I was back at the beginning. Cuz for those couple hours that I got to talk to him, it felt like he was home. And hanging up felt like saying "see you later" again. Of course I was still happy :) but it just made me miss him a lot more than normal. I'm fine now though :) In fact, I'm more than fine. I am so freaking pumped for this next year! I am so excited for the packages that I have planned :) I'm not worried that waiting will get hard during these next 14 months. Because I know it won't :) I'm living my life, writing him every week, praying for him every day, focusing on myself, and just having fun :) He's still on my mind 24/7, but that's just because he's always with me. Always in my heart. Which is why I feel like I can be happy, and enjoy everything that this next year will bring :) I just can't wait!!


  1. Omygoodness I freakin love the package he sent you! It's adorable! Also, I'm glad to see you're back in business and had a safe trip to and from China! =)

  2. I cannot believe how strong you are! Your blog is like a novel to me I can't stop reading it! I'm soo glad I found someone so positive about all this missionary stuff it makes me feel like when my missionary leaves it's gonna be okay and it'll pass by soo fast! Thank you soo much for your posts they make me soo happy!


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