Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas/New Year 2011!!

Wow, Christmas and New Years went by way too fast. It's now January 2... Which is 37  days away from Feb 9 (the day Preston leaves) and time is just going by faster and faster every day. But ya know what, i'm just trying to enjoy everyday i have left with him :)
We had a LOT of fun over Christmas Break :)
We made a awesome gingerbread house at our ugly Christmas sweater party :)

We made snowmen that are holding hands :p

We also took the trax up to Salt Lake :)

And we went to Temple Square :)                   
And for Christmas i got a Dallas Cowboys jersey (our favorite team) and a beautiful locket and a bracelet :) He always gives me the best presents. Now school just starts in three days... I'm not so excited about that. But i AM excited about applying for a BYU study abroad soon :) I can't decide if i wanna go to Vienna Austria or Italy... It's a tough decision. 
As of right now, i'm just trying to get as much out of my time with Preston as possible. And i'm trying to keep everything as normal as possible :) as in, even if i'm thinking about it all the time, i'm not talking about it non stop. Which i think is good :) 

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