Sunday, March 24, 2013

See You in 2 Years, My Love

I am happy to say that Jared is officially in the MTC as of 4 days ago :)

I don't even know where to start. Jared's farewell was a week ago today. I remember him telling me how nervous and scared he was to speak in front of so many people. He told me not to expect anything good. But of course, he totally surprised us all. His talk was absolutely amazing and I'm sure everyone in the congregation felt the spirit just as strong as I did. Afterwards, we all went to his house and he said goodbye to some friends. Oh also, the day of his farewell was also  
St. Patricks day :)

That day was wonderful and happy :) We hardly left each others sides. We both knew he was needing to get ready to enter the MTC, but at the same time, we continued to act completely normal around each other. I'd walk away for a minute to talk to someone and he'd come over and say, "Hey, you were too far away from me :)" 
Then we had our last day together on Tuesday. It was amazing to say the least. I went over to his house and helped him pack some last minute items. We then played pool and made some yummy food. The weather was nice (thankfully) so we decided to go on a walk at a park we'd always go to during the winter. We'd go at night and buy hot chocolate and then go walk around the park. As we were walking he started talking about leaving and I told him he needed to stop because I could feel the tears coming. I didn't want to talk about him being gone. All I wanted to do was focus on my time left with him. After our walk, we drove to my house :) We decided to watch The Best Two Years outside with blankets on my trampoline as the sun was setting. It was perfect :) 

After the movie we went inside and sat in my room. We knew we only had 45 minutes left together. Jared said, "Come here, let's just cuddle for a little while. I know it's your favorite" so we did :) We didn't really talk, we just sat there in each others arms. We eventually started talking about our future, me waiting, his mission, and old memories :) He wanted to see me smile so he kept bringing up old memories from us together in Hawaii. 
Eventually the time came. It was 8:00 and he needed to go home to get set apart. I started crying, and I didn't even know what to say. We were hugging for a while and I said, "Any final words?" Jared waited for a second and said, "I love you. There's nothing else I can say" and then he started to tear up and by that point I was completely bawling. We stood by my front door for what seemed like a lifetime.   We had one last kiss, well technically 3. We kiss in 3's :) And then I said, "Sweetheart, you need to go.." so we walked to the door and I double pinky promised him that I'd wait :) I hugged him one last time. It was hard to get the words out through my crying, but said "You're going to be an amazing missionary." He was so emotional which was making it harder for me. So then he walked outside but just stood there looking at me. So I ran out and hugged him one last time and then stood in the doorway as I watched him walk away, realizing I needed to capture this and remember it forever. We did the "I love you" sign before he started to drive away. I came inside with my hand over my mouth, trying to keep my crying and breathing under control. 

This goodbye was SO much harder than it was with my first missionary. It's crazy. But I couldn't be more proud of my sweetheart. I know we'll both be blessed. I've come to realize that we were seriously created for each other and I love him more than I ever thought I could. Plus, I'm happy to finally consider myself a missionary girlfriend again :) Wish me luck for the next two years! <3


  1. Have you gotten your first letter yet? :)

    1. No :/ I think his pday is on Wednesdays. And since he's only been in there for four days, I don't think I'll get a letter till Thursday or Friday.

    2. Me either:/ I'm dying to get one! Has the time gone by slow fr you?

  2. Good luck Desiree! I've been following your story for probably around a year now and I just think that you're absolutely amazing!! You are such a strong person. You don't let anything stand in the way of what you know is going to make you happy and I admire that. This post really made me cry. It brought back all the memories of when my missionary left. Thanks for being such a great example! I wish you and Jared the best of luck on this two year journey together. Be strong! :)

  3. This made me cry!!! You'll be amazing though!

  4. Love you girl. I got the chills reading it. I know you two can make it. I can't even begin to describe it but I just sense something completely different with you and Jared. Like, I just know you two will make it. I can just see you posting pictures of the airport, and videos... I just see it. And it makes me so happy :) We're all here for you. We're all so proud of who you are, and how far you've come. You are an inspiration to so many girls. Including me, and my missionary is even home! :)

    Keep the faith. Stay close to the Lord.

    "Whatever happens, the Lord is already in it." - President Joseph Smith, Jr.

  5. I just wanted to say thanks for your amazing blog it has motivated me so much, My boyfriend just left last Wednesday so it's only been a week, today I was feeling really discouraged because I still haven't gotten a letter or email from my missionary Jordan!! It's just hard cause i have no idea how he is doing in the MTC or how getting set apart was, and i feel so uniformed, I just hope everything is going well you know. But I kind of had the same experience as you, on tuesday when we said goodbye I was balling and even after I didn't think i would be able to make it till I got down on my knees and prayed. It was amazing how fast I felt comforted about everything. I haven't cried since and even though I miss him I am happy and I know it's the right thing. It still helps to hear others stories though, so thank you so much!! :)


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