Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One Week Down :)

What a crazy emotional week this has been. 
Honestly though, it's been easier than it was two years ago when I sent my first missionary out. Like I previously mentioned, everything is different this time. The goodbye was 1273855947 billion times harder, but the first week has been easier. I'll admit, I cried my eyes out the first day. And the second.. I was just so unproductive. I couldn't do anything. Eat, homework, or even watch movies. I was dead to the world. And I don't think I ate anything for the first 2 1/2 days. My appetite was completely gone. But then I went to my Heavenly Father in sincere prayer. Since then, I've felt nothing but peace and happiness. You probably don't believe me. But I honestly haven't felt sad since those first two days. I miss him like crazy, yes. But sad? Not so much :) 

Let me jump back for a second. Jared called me Wednesday morning to say a final "see you later" and that was it. I started driving the 3 1/2 hours back to school. When I finally got back I looked at my phone and saw this:

TEARS. Yes, lots of them. I love him so much :) 
I couldn't wait so I sent him a letter on Thursday. I seriously forgot how much I love writing letters.

I was only down at school for Wednesday and Thursday and went back home for the weekend on Friday. I had the awesome opportunity of going to my first MG party of this wait on Saturday! :) I don't have any pictures, but it was so fun. I loved being around other girls who felt the exact same way as me. For any of you girls who have never been to a party with MG's, GO! They really help :) 

On Sunday I was SO happy because Jared's mom sent me this!

The first picture of him! It totally made my day :)
It's always hard when they first go into the MTC because you don't know how well they're doing. This picture put some of my worries to ease. He looks so happy, and that makes me happy :) 

Alright, so this is when the best part happens. Yesterday (Tuesday) I was walking past the mailroom and I thought to myself, "Don't go check for a letter. You know there won't be one. He's only been in the MTC for 6 days and hasn't even had his first pday. There's no way there'd be a letter" But I decided to check anyway. I opened my little box, and to my utter surprise, I saw this!

My reaction:

Wanna know the dumbest part though? The date on this letter says it was sent out the 21st. Aka the day after Jared entered the MTC. Aka 5 days ago. Which means it'd been sitting in my mailbox for a few days. JUST SITTING THERE! I never checked the mail earlier cuz I knew nothing would be there. Just goes to show how wrong I was. He wrote this letter on his first day in the MTC and it was amazing :) He's doing great and loving the MTC. Although he's still getting used to being followed to the bathroom :) 
This first week has been crazy. But I'm glad and relieved to say the first/hardest week is over : ) 

Here's some of my advice: PRAY! Whenever you feel like things are so hard you can't handle it. Looks for ways to be happy :) For example, this Joshua Radin song came out yesterday and made me think, "Today is one of those days where nothing can go wrong" I am so blessed and am very excited to continue on this journey :) If Heavenly Father brings you to it, he'll bring you through it :) 
Quote for the Day: "Don't let Satan put a question mark where God has already put a period."

(now enjoy this awesome Joshua Radin song)


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  2. This just made me smile so much! My missionary, Elder Taylor Williams, left last Thursday to report to the Provo MTC on the 27th. It's always nice to see we are all in it together - besides the fact that you and Jared are completely adorable, if I do say so myself. I found your youtube channel and blog when I was trying to prepare myself for Taylor's departure and can sincerely say THANK YOU!

  3. I also wanted to say thank you!! I love knowing that there are girls out there going through the same thing and feeling the same as me. My missionary left two months ago today. I have been having a really hard time and been missing him a lot! Im so glad that I found your blog... I read the whole thing and then went and read the blog about you and Jared. SO CUTE! Thanks again and I will definitely be following your blog for the next two years to see how things turn out for you and Jared (:

  4. where do you find these MG parties!?!?

    1. Usually they are in Provo or SLC Utah! :) There are some MG groups on facebook and sometimes we get together and plan parties :)

    2. no way!! I live in Provo! I would love to attend one of these :)

    3. I want to go to these too!! How do you know when they are and where?:)

  5. MG parties??? I want to go to there!
    But seriously, sometimes I feel so alone now that my best friend is gone (56 days down!) and I can literally feel my heart break. But I also know God called him away for the very best reason, and if my missionary can be that devoted for two years, then so can I! And I know there are other girls going through the exact same thing as me, that helps so much. I'll definitely be following your blog! :)

  6. Where did you find your missionary countdown? My man has been gone for 9 months and I am still yet to find one!

    1. At Deseret Book! If you don't have one near you I'm sure you could order one online :)

  7. My boyfriend left last wednesday and I have to admit it was so so hard your blog has made me smile cause its all so so so true!


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