Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Choose Your Love and Love Your Choice"

I love General Conference so much. I also really wish I was a guy so that I could have gone to the Priesthood session. I'm glad to hear that President Monson encouraged the RM's to get married as soon as possible when they get back. Hope Preston heard that part ;) I'm sure he did. Speaking of Preston, I am more in love with him than I've ever been :) His letters are amazing and so are his videos. I really believe his mission has blessed us both so much already. I know some girls say their boys change a lot. And I'm sure Preston will, but right now he's still the same Preston :) he's just slowly becoming a better version of himself. In his last letter he said, 
"I really haven't changed that much. I mean, I'm always going to be me. So you don't have to worry about me being totally different when I get back. Cuz I won't be :) I just love you so much! I love to think about those first few days that I'm back with you. I know that within a day or two, we'll be right back where we were before I left. I know that :) Up until we get married I want us to be like we were before I left." 
I love him more than anything :) I choose him. I choose to wait for him. He is more than worth it. I choose to better myself while he's gone. I choose to become so much closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I love my choices :) And I know they are the right things to do. That is one thing that will never change :) 


  1. this makes me sooo happy :) that little blurb from his letter was soooo adorable!! <333

  2. i loved that quote! <3 choose your love and love your choice. :)


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