Monday, April 25, 2011

The Airport Call!!!! :D

It's finally 3:00 and I'm sitting by my phone waiting for Preston to call me from the airport :D :D I thought I had bad anxiety waiting for a email... This is 1000x's worse!! But I'm SOOOO EXCITED!
Well, It's 3:54 now. The plane leaves at 4:45. And he hasn't even called his mom yet.... My happiness-high is starting to fade. He originally told me that he'd probably get to talk to me for 30minutes. Ya, that's not gonna happen. Plus, he can't call me from his layover in Paris because he didn't buy an international calling card. Lame!!! So I guess I'll sit here and wait...
10 minutes later....

It. Was. Amazing. We only got to talk for 10 minutes because they arrived at the airport late and he still needed to call his mom and dad. The only sad thing was that when we said bye, he said he'd call me back after he called his parents. But he never did... I also had so much more I wanted to tell him but we ran out of time. But it's ok! :) I'M SO HAPPY! I was so scared he wasn't gonna call. He sounded so amazing :) It was as if we never stopped talking. It's been 2 1/2 months but It felt like I talked to him yesterday.  I could literally feel how much he loved me :) I kept trying to talk about normal stuff and he'd be like "So, I think about you all the time" and then I told him how I really don't wanna date anyone, he was like "You really are gonna wait for me!! :) :) :) " He is soooooo excited that I'm going to China :) he said he likes it even more because it will prevent me from dating anyone :) Hearing his voice talking to me was beyond what I could have imagined. Seriously, my heart melted :) 
I am waiting for this boy! I am going to marry him :) He is growing and maturing but he's still the same Preston :) I know how much he loves me :) He makes sure that I know it too. When we were saying bye,  I said "Ok, I love you!" he said, "I love you so much Desiree" and there is no way I could ever love someone as much as I love Preston :) 
I love the fact that he is on his way to serve the Lord :) He is doing exactly what he's supposed to. He is going to be sooooo blessed and I know it will also make him a better husband :) The Lord can have him for 21.47 more months and then he's mine forever :) 
I love you Elder Preston Dale Wright :) :) :) <3



  1. loveloveloveloveeee <3

  2. AH!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!

  3. I literally was crying during this. HAHHAH I am such a girl. I am so glad you got to talk to him! I always freak out before and then as soon as it's over I can't even feel my feet on the ground! Just a few more and then he'll be home!

  4. HAHAA Desiree. I read this post but I never watched the video until just now. The first part was just hilarious. I laughed so hard when you tied your hair in a knot.
    You are BRILLIANT for recording this! I'm so jealous! He is going to love seeing this when he gets home =)


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