Saturday, April 9, 2011

Letters Make Me Freak Out :)

I got a letter!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was one amazing letter :) 
(this was me when I open the mailbox and saw the letter ^^^^^^^^)
I love this movie. Not the sad parts, just that the fact that they communicate through letters makes me smile :) I love everything they say to each other over letters. It reminds me of me and Preston :) 

One thing I really love is that Preston has already grown and matured spiritually, but yet he is still the same :) Recently I've been trying to be more spiritual in my letters because I want him to see me as 100% supporting him, and growing along with him. I loved that in his letter he said:
"I think your letters are perfect! Seriously! I wouldn't say there is anything you need to change. I love them :) Don't worry about what you say. You don't have to be spiritual! Seriously, it doesn't make a difference in my attitude or anything. I know you are spiritual :) and don't get me wrong, I love that you are spiritual in the letters! But I am still in love with the same old Desiree that can be super honest about everything! Don't be afraid of what to say. Just be yourself! :) Thanks babe :) I haven't changed as much as you might think. I'm still me :)" 
Oh I am one happy girl right now :) I also loved that we both had the same favorite Conference talk. Elder Scotts :) :) He said he was thinking about me the whole time and hoped I was thinking about him :) Seriously girls, a mission is the best thing our men can do. Our relationship has never been this good. I know I'm only in my 3rd month, but it's just getting better :) Heavenly Father is blessing us both so much! It's unbelievable :) 
I love Elder Preston Wright <3


  1. Love this! And you guys!!!! :] PS "Missing You" by Tyler Hilton is seriously in my top 10 songs. You're killing me! HAHAHAAH :]

  2. Aw Thanks Alli!! :D And k Tyler Hilton is probably one of my favorite artists. He's soooo good!

  3. Hey there...I stumbled upon your blog through another one of my friends ( i too am waiting for my missionary) and I just wanted to say I loved this post...Letters are the best!!!


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