Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tomorrow is The Big Day..

Preston leaves tomorrow... :(
I have surprisingly been happy most of the past week. And even today. All i think about is how much we're both going to experience everything through letters, cassettes, and pictures. And then when he gets back, it's just happily ever after from there :)
I'm sitting in class right now, and my phone keeps vibrating. Random YW leaders and old friends keep texting me saying, "I just wanted to wish you luck. I'm so proud of you for supporting Preston with this decision. It'll be awesome for both of you..." and so on. And this is when i get emotional.. I started tearing up in class a half hour ago. Just because it forces me to think about it. I really am extremely proud of him. I will just miss him because he's my boyfriend but even more importantly, my best friend.
I'm trying to imagine what saying goodbye will be like and i honestly cant.. It's going to be surreal. I am going with him and his family to the MTC. I know some girls don't, but it would kill me to say goodbye the night before. Especially because the next morning i'd want to text him and say "Good morning" but i would have already said bye so i'd basically have to say bye again. Basically i can't say Bye the night before and know he's still here, know that he's only a couple minutes away. I have to be with him up until the last possible minute.
Wish me luck...

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  1. Hey Desiree,
    I don't know if we've ever talked, but I want to say good for you for waiting for Preston! I've known him from a distance since 7th grade and always would see you guys in the hall holding hands and it always made me smile! My missionary has been gone for 19 months! There have been some really good days, and some really bad days. But I have no doubts you guys will make it! Just remember that there are no rules! Keep supporting him and loving him, and follow the Holy Ghost for the rest! If you ever need to talk, please come knockin! I know what you mean, us girls have ZERO support. Even my family was giving me their bets for how long it would last. But when you have those who are going through the same thing, it seems so much easier. Each day seems like a lifetime, but before you know it - they're almost home. Preston is going to be a great missionary! You are going to be a great missionary girlfriend! And I wish you both all the happiness in the world!


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