Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Food Network = Cravings

Whenever i'm feeling down or I just want to watch TV, I watch the Food Network. It is serious therapy for me. I just love it. Because of the food network, I have a list of foods I need to try. 
 #1 Pinkberry

This is a frozen yogurt place. But they are known to be "tart" instead of tasting like dairy. I've also heard Taylor Swift talk about how it's one of her favorite places. I must try it! 

#2 Spread
There is a restaurant in California called, "Spread". They are known for their peanut butter. The one I am dying to try is number 73, the "White chocolate infused with pretzels peanut butter". Doesn't that just sound amazing? It soooo does.
#3 Panera Bread
I have actually been to this place when I was in Nashville. If you ever get the chance, GO THERE!
Get their Strawberry Poppyseed Salad. It is to die for. If you've ever been to Zupas and gotten their "Nuts About Berries" salad, It's like that, but way better :)

#4 Blue Bell
Blue Bell ice cream. I love this ice cream so much. Once again, you can't this in Utah. Preston introduced me to it when we were in Texas. And can I just say, it's the best mint ice cream I've ever had. It had a million little chocolate pieces in it. Not just a bunch of big pieces. Mmmm :)

#5 Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Seeds
I can't make a list of foods without including chocolate. I watched a whole show on the food network about chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. I know what you're probably thinking, "That sounds a little weird.." That's what I thought. But right now i'm highly contemplating making my own at home :)

Last but not least. Just try this:

3 Ingredients: Wheat bread, Nutella and a Banana 
Anything involving Nutella tastes good. Another favorite is dipping banana chips in Nutella. 
Wow i'm really hungry now. 
I'm gonna go make something :) 
I will have more of these food posts to come! 



  1. you must come visit me! haha We live in Texas so as you can imagine Bluebell is a second religion. I've actually been to the creamery in Brenham it's ahmazingly wonderful! :)
    Most every flavor is great. I've never been to Panera bread but there's one in Houston I always see so that's a possibility too!!
    I love your appreciation for the food network. I suck royally for cooking but I love "Cupcake Wars" on there lol One of the things I will improve on before my missionary gets home is cooking better. haha :)
    Love your blog! Have a great day!

  2. Cupcake Wars is one of my favorite shows! I watch it all time! :) and i'm so jealous that you live in Texas with all the blue bell.. Soo jealous.

  3. Chocolate Covered Pomegranates are my secret pleasure. I buy them at the store all the time! Although the ones I buy don't have seeds in them...hmm they're the best. :)

  4. Hey thanks for becoming a new follower! I love missionary girlfriends! :) Consider me your newest follower.

    P.s- the food network is my weakness. YUM!


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