Friday, May 6, 2011

You Think Taylor Lautner is Hot???

First you think of hot guys as being tan, buff, nice hair, drives a sports car, etc...
But if you really think about it, You know what truly is the epitome of an attractive man? 
A man who goes on a mission :) a man called to serve :) These are our modern day stripling warriors, ladies! :) 
Me and my sister Paris have been up for the past 2 hours putting this together for ya'll.
Enjoy with an open mind :)

p.s. sorry for posting another video, yet again. 


  1. haha stop apologizing for posting videos!:)

  2. this was probably the most hilarious thing i've ever seen!

  3. Haha another video? So far the videos you have posted are hilarious! This. was. funny! Giggling the whole time. :)


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