Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wanna Follow a Blog?

My sister Paris-Abigail has a blog and you guys should follow it :) She is a potential MG :) maybe... She does not have a boyfriend currently but how awesome would it be if I hooked her up with a premie and she became an MG? It's a dream of mine :) Hahaha she actually thinks all us MG's are awesome. ANYWAY, she writes about her journey through life and traveling and stuff. It's a good read :) Just in case any of you guys were interested in adding another fantastic blog to your dashboard :) I'm actually gonna make her do a post about being a potential MG.
I give her blog two thumbs up!!!
(she may be forcing me against my will to write this post) but that makes it funny :)


1 comment:

  1. speaking of new blogs to follow.

    i would love for you to e-mail me your story and pictures. go to the website, if you love it... send an e-mail to:

    with your story and such.

    thanks dear!


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