Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Making Wishes :)

What do I do when I'm bored on a beautiful spring day?
I go to a field across from the temple and make wishes on dandelions with my little sister :) And then take pictures of it. Just for fun :) You can never make too many wishes :)


  1. definitely such thing as too many wishes! im always grabbing em every chance i get haha

  2. Do you have a promise ring? :] Just wonderin haha:] Your so cute girly! :]

  3. awe this is so cute.
    someday if we ever cross paths in real life we should probably make wishes together. =)

  4. Kaydee, I do have a promise ring :) It's not really, real lol it's just a cheap ring from walmart cuz me and Preston didn't know I was this set on waiting until after he left. He got me this ring on our 6 month anniversary and it just kinda became my promise ring :)

  5. This post inspired me to write about a memory Matt and I have involving dandelions ;): hope you enjoy it! :)


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