Friday, March 18, 2011

Saint Patricks Day :)

Happy Saint Patricks Day!! I'm a pretty big fan of every holiday. I love the excuse to celebrate something, anything :) People should learn to be more excitable over the simple things. Like the excuse to celebrate the Irish for example. Even if you aren't Irish. Just celebrate it anyway :) It's good for you :)
For dinner we made a traditional Irish meal. Cabbage, corned beef and lots of potatoes. It was pretty good :) I'd never tried corned beef before. So that's something to check off of my goals for this month :) Then I spent the day making this dessert:
Mmmmm, it was way good. And of course, it involved green pudding (aka pistachio pudding) I have been making so many desserts lately it's ridiculous. K now i'm distracting myself. My point is, enjoy the little things :) Like Saint Patricks day. Wear green and be happy :) surround yourself with family and friends and people who make you happy and do things that make you happy. Just be happy :)
P.S. If you're looking for a good romantic movie to watch on this day, I suggest P.S. I Love You or Leap Year :)

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