Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Preston has officially been gone for one full month :) I'm so proud that i've even made it this far. Back at day two I can fully remember saying to myself, "Can I please be at one month already? I will be so happy when that happens" And here I am :) Time actually flew by. I hope it stays the same :)
This month I got:
  • 4 letters
  • 3 personal emails
  • 2 cassettes 
  • and 32 pictures :)
It has indeed been the hardest month of my life, but also one of the best :) It's an amazing thing to only communicate with someone you love through letters. It has brought me and Preston so close. I also believe it's because Heavenly Father is blessing both of us so much. 
And of course being a girl, I am pretty creative! I absolutely love sending packages. It's kinda my thing. I'm gonna send one every month. It'll just be as a celebration that it's been another month down :) This is his "One Month" package. 
There was a reason for almost everything I put in it. Here's what I put in: New cassettes, tissues, pirouettes, mentos, pictures, missionary action figures, a letter and a memory card with a couple video's of my on it :) 
So I decided to make some goals for this month. I have a lot of stuff that I need to accomplish while my man is gone :) So these are going to be my goals for this month (I'll probably add some as the month goes on) 
  1. Finish D&C (I started the day Preston left)
  2. Complete 10 volunteer service hours
  3. Work out at least 3 days a week
  4. Send a letter every week and another package at the end of the month :)
  5. Bake something new once a week
  6. See Never Say Never again (hehe)
  7. Decide what job I want to have over the summer
  8. Blog once a week :)
  9. Watch Titanic (I've been wanting to watch this since Preston left but I haven't been able to do it..)
  10. Try a new food :)
There will be more goals to come :) Overall....

What a month it's been :)


  1. Okay so I watched Titanic twice the week Cody left. hahah =)
    If I lived closer to you we could have a one month party, where we would buy JB Shirts and would go see Never Say Never..maybe numerous times.. and then we would make care packages together to send, and then we would watch Titanic.
    I hate living so far away from all the MG`s.
    I love the idea of making goals to accomplish each month! I think I`m going to do it too! =)

  2. Ya Jane, you need to be in Utah with all of us! Haha and not only are we connected in the fact that our missionaries left on the same day, we also both love Justin Bieber :) lol

  3. I told Cody he has been replaced.. then later told him it was only J Biebs and he figured that was okay and a good temporary replacement =).. I guess he didn`t feel threatened by a seventeen year old legend. Maybe he should though. I dunno.. its a close call. haha just kidding.
    again. I LOVE that we share missionary dates. You`re my favorite MG with that date. (also the only one that i know of so far...=) )hahaha

  4. so, i found your blog.
    i think you used to go to lehi?
    or had friends who went to lehi?
    i don't know for sure, you just seem familiar.

    also, i think your blog is terrific because i went to elementary school with preston.
    i liked him from like fifth to seventh grade.
    no joke. hahaha.
    so glad to hear he's doing awesomely on his mission. :)
    and i hope it goes by fast for you. :)


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