Friday, March 18, 2011

No Letter = Venting

Today is Friday. Today is letter day. Usually I absolutely love Fridays. But not this Friday...
Preston has now been in the MTC for 5 1/2 weeks and I've gotten a letter and email every week. His Pdays are on Wednesdays and because of the fact that I live only 20 minutes away from the MTC, I usually get letters on Thursdays or Fridays. On his pday this week, I never received an email. I was pretty down about that. But then I said to myself, "Only 2 more days and I'll have an amazing letter". I tried to stay positive. Then today,  I was so excited about the mail coming today. Probably more excited than ever. But once it finally came and I looked all the envelopes, there wasn't one for me. I looked through them again making sure I didn't miss anything. Still, no letter. And then of course the tears came. We had talked about this so much before he left. I would tell him that I'll understand if he's busy. But I told him even if he just wrote down 3 little words and sent it to me that it would be way better than not getting anything. He told me he would write every week.. And I thought for sure I'd at least get letters every week while he's in the MTC. I didn't think that would be a problem. But we're only 5 weeks in and he's already not writing? Or did the letter just get lost? I doubt it. I'm trying to stay positive but when he asked me to send him Dear Elder letters everyday, I decided I'd do it because I'll do anything to make him happy. So every morning I wake up and send him a Dear Elder. Not because I really want to, but because he asked me to. And I asked him to send me one only once a week and he can't even do that? He's not even in the field yet.. So then I thought to myself, "Is this foreshadowing how the rest of his mission is going to be?" I can't help but think that now when he's actually in Hungary who knows when I'll be getting letters. The thing is, I know he loves me and he knows how much letters mean to me. Which is why I can't picture him not writing... *sigh* I really just hope the letter got lost... Here's hoping for a better week, and a better Friday.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, Chris went straight to Africa to the MTC when he left here.. The mail exchange is like a month or more... I've gotten no letters, and one email (which was a major shock seeing as how he didn't think he'd get on because it takes FOREVER over there). At least he told me he loved me and that I was the only one he was going to respond to while online. lol

  2. Wow that must be pretty difficult.. I know I really am lucky that I get letters so often. In a way I feel spoiled. I shouldn't complain. Thanks for sharing that :)

  3. No no no I wasn't trying to make you feel bad or me be all whiney or something. hahaha I'm sorry if you thought that. :(
    I was just sayin' that it can in fact always be worse.. at least we have goodlookin' servants of God to be involved with :) some girls just aren't so fortunate ;)


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