Sunday, January 26, 2014

Forever Friends

Did you know that sometimes God answers prayers by placing specific people in your life? I would know because he placed someone very special in mine. 
About 6 months ago I noticed this guy posting the most adorable stuff in the Waiting For a Missionary page on facebook. I would comment on them and that's how we started talking. This just so happened to be during a time that I really needed some answers in my life. And it just so happens that that's when Jordan and I became friends. 
At first I thought he was just an awesome missionary boyfriend who liked to talk a lot, play guitar/sing, and watch New Girl. But then I started to realize that he was someone special in my life. I remember one day very vividly. I had been crying all day, and praying for an answer that I needed to a question that I'd had for a very, very long time. Jordan didn't know anything about what was going on. That night he texted me, and what he said was the exact answer that I was hoping for. 
God places people in our lives for specific reasons, and during specific times. I believe I met Jordan exactly when I needed to. And I know that for a fact.
A couple days ago, Jordan found out that he gets to return to his mission in California in just 3 days. He had previously been sent home due to some serious medical issues, and is now SO excited to be able to return. The happiness of Buddy The Elf doesn't even some up how happy I am for him. He's wanted this for so long. 
When I got the text during class saying that he'd be able to return, I was all:
excited baby

Supernatural gif mouths open

And then I realized he'd be leaving and I wouldn't have him to talk to 24/7 anymore. My reaction quickly changed..

Let me explain. One thing that makes my friendship with Jordan so special is that he fulfills that 24/7 support and comfort that I always got from Jared. Of course I still turn to Jared for mostly everything, but when I can only hear from him once a week, that it makes it a little harder. And Jordan is the only person who has been able to do that in such a way that Jared would. And whenever I was having a tough day, or wished I could just talk to Jared, Jordan was the one who would remind me how much Jared loves me, and how proud Jared is of me. So it's almost like I was hearing it from Jared himself. I know that doesn't make much sense but it makes sense in my head.. Basically, I'm just insanely grateful for him.
The thing that's hardest for me is having to say goodbye... I can't handle saying goodbye to people I love anymore.. Saying bye to Jared was the hardest thing I've ever done. But now I have to say bye to the person I became closest with since Jared left? Not cool :(

I don't think Jordan realizes how much I look up to him, and the wonderful example that he is to me. He truly is one of the best people I've ever met. Hands Down. His heart is so pure, and full of love. I hope someday to be more like him. He faces trials that no one should have to face. And yet, he always comes out stronger. He really is one of the strongest, most faithful people I know. And more than anything, he's like the big brother that I always wanted. I have been blessed with a brother at this time in my life when I needed one most. And I can't describe how grateful and blessed I feel to have the best "brother" ever. 
I know that he is going to return to the mission field and be the best missionary that mission has ever seen.
Although my heart is breaking, and many tears have been shed, and I don't want to say goodbye, I know our friendship will always be there. I know that we're best friends for life. I know God placed him in my life for a reason. And I know that I'll see him again.  
Love you Jordan.  


  1. I absolulty love your blog!! I am a soon to be MG. My boyfriend leaves for his mission in September.

  2. DUDE what mission is he in??? please say California Ventura!!!


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