Tuesday, April 22, 2014

An Analogy from Anziano Burnham

"Speaking of oompa loompas, here is an analogy for you.  

The road to the Kingdom of Heaven/the world is like a trip to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.  
There are exciting things to see, to do, to taste, and to experience.  
However, there are some rules we need to follow if we don't want to end up stuck in the chocolate tubes or float up into the ventilation shafts.  
Some of those flashy candies and little things seem fun at the time, but just like Agustus, 
we may find ourselves slipping into a river and coming out very messy.  
We then miss out on all the other good things we could have done!
Don't be like Agustus.  
However, if you do "slip up", 
remember, Christ is very forgiving if we repent with sincerity.  
Just like WIlly Wonka, 
He also has His servants here on the earth to take care of us, and help us get well again.
My invite for you guys is to enjoy the chocolate factory. 
Follow the rules.
They are there to help us be safe and make us happy. 
And if we do all that is asked of us, 
Our Heavenly Father will reward us with all that He has. 
(I could go on with this analogy, but I'll let you guys figure out the rest.  Here's a hint, river of filth from Lehi's dream = chocolate river)
I love you all!"


  1. that is brilliant and adorable. probably sending that one to my missionary.

  2. Hi there! I just found your blog and love it thus far! I was just wondering if you were still active? And possibly if you'd be willing to answer a question of a fellow missionary girlfriend? :o

  3. Hey Brook - did Desiree ever reply to you? I just found her stuff too and wanted to connect, but she hasn't posted anything in so long... I have a friend their at BYUH now and, well, maybe this is weird or creepy, but I told her she should say hi for me, lol. My friend has seen her a few times but says she's always with some other guy, so now I'm wondering if her and Jared are even still together.

  4. Wow, that's nuts ^
    But here's a great tip. Send a missionary cookies in the MTC. They need something to cheer them up!


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