Monday, October 7, 2013


Wooohoooooooo!!! :D
I am so freaking excited. I'm writing this post a bit late, but I still figured I'd write it. On September 20th Jared hit his 6 month mark! Finally. It's about time. It definitely feels like it has taken forever to get to this point, but I'm just glad we're finally here :) I can testify that the first six are by far the hardest. So if you are in the first 6 months right now, just remember to look up, and know it will get easier :) I promise! So in my opinion, this is how the timeframe has broken down for me.

Months 1-3: 
So slow. So hard. But I at least got letters during the first two. I really struggled with learning how to live without him during these months. But can ya blame me? It's a major adjustment to make.
Month 4: 
A definite change from months 1-3. Went a lot faster and I finally starting learning how to be okay and happy without him here. My testimony also grew a ton during this month.
Month 5: 
Fastest month yet! I couldn't believe how fast it went. This month I realized and learned how to turn being sad, and missing him, into something positive. If any of you would like me to write a post about how I did that, let me know. I also realized that this time is about him, not me. It's all about him. And when you put it in that perspective, you won't be as sad about not getting letters or emails. But ultimately, month 5 has been the fastest and easiest yet :) 

Awesome stuff that's happened during these 6 months:
  • Jared has his first baptism in his first area! :) 
  • Jared was made District Leader in his second area :) 
  • He was able to meet Elder Ballard 
  • He has been able to become (in my opinion) completely fluent in Italian. Sometimes now he struggles to speak English... :) 
  • I was able to spend the summer teaching English in Italy and Austria
  • I received a calling as Sunday School teacher and I love it!
  • I finally bought a nice camera and have started developing my passion for photography :) (a good thing to do while your mish is gone is develop talents and passions that you've always had but never done)
  • My family moved to Provo :) (right across the street from the MTC)
  • I got accepted to return to BYU-Hawaii in January :)
  • I've met some amazing people who have made this wait such an easier process :) Ya'll know who you are ;)
There's a lot of other experiences I've had these 6 months that have just strengthened my testimony, and  also my love for Jared. I wouldn't change a thing :)

Here's my 6 months celebration video :) 
(don't judge the cheesiness of it. I'm a cheesy person, what can I say)


  1. Sorry! I know you have no clue who I am! I too am a MG. My missionary left two weeks ago and it has been way hard! I would love to know how you turned being sad and missing your missionary into a positive thing. Hopefully it would help me out a little. Thank you so much! All of this has been awesome to read!

  2. I agree COMPLETELY with everything that you said! I'm going on month 4 with my missionary and it's definitely starting to get a whole lot easier. But I know the rest will fly by because when it gets to the 6 month mark, I leave to go on my mission, which just so happens to be right next to his :) I love your blog and your video is so darn cute!

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