Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jared's 20th Birthday

Jared's birthday was July 2nd, but I realized I never wrote a post about the package I sent! So here it is :) I sent it from here in Italy, with only items that I brought over from America. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, all he could say was "American snack food" haha so this is what he got :) Some of his favorites. 
Beef jerkey
Cheez-Its (his fave)
Some Italian candy
A birthday card with 5 euros inside telling him to go buy some birthday gelato :)
a Memory card with a birthday message from me.
And of course, a long letter.

Also, I made a shirt that says, "This is My P-day Shirt" that I thought was pretty funny. It also has a little message on the inside of the shirt. I used fabric paint and painted a heart right where his heart would be when he wears it. On the inside of the heart I painted "Your Desiree" because he has my heart :)

And last but not least, this tie that I made before I left :) 
I know he's gonna love it if the Italian mail system ever decides to let the package show up at the mission home. Keepin' my fingers crossed. 


I celebrated his birthday even though we couldn't physically be together :)

Only one more birthday away from each other until we'll be together for all of our many birthdays to come :) 


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  2. this is are a great girlfriend

  3. i saw a similar shirt on pinterest! how cool that you made your own. its a great idea!


  4. I came across your blog looking for missionary girlfriend blogs and also subscribed to your Youtube channel! I dont know if you will read this but the funniest story is I decided I want to travel abroad like you did while I wait for my missionary and I heard about ILP and on their facebook page there was a picture of a girl riding an elephant...and in the comments I found out that it was you! So funny because I really want to do the China one and you just seem so cool I wish we could be friends haha


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