Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Airport Phone Call from Jared!!

Girls, today was the big day. The day Jared got to call from the airport! :)
I'd by lying if I said I wasn't totally freaking out. I seriously could not sleep last night. I woke up at 5:14, 6:30, 7:02, 7:15, 7:45 and my alarm finally went off at 7:55. I guess you could say I was like a child on Christmas Eve. The stressful thing was that I had to spend my morning studying for a geology final. My final started at 11:00 and his plane was scheduled to leave at 11:15 so I was hoping he'd call me before my test. I was freaking out because by 10:30 he still hadn't called me. Apparently Heavenly Father is still trying to teach me patience. Basically.. Just watch this video and you'll see :)

We only got to talk for three minutes because there were so many missionaries who still needed to call their families. But it didn't matter, just hearing his voice tell me he loved me was all I needed to hear :) I'm just so excited that he'll finally be in Italy! I feel like these past six weeks he hasn't even really been on a mission. I feel like the mission really beings when they start teaching :) I can't wait to hear stories about the people, culture, investigators, his mission president, the wards, the members, and the FOOD! I know he's going to put his whole heart and soul into serving the people of Italy. He already has such a deep love for them and he's not even there yet <3
Like I mentioned, he left this morning at 11:15 and flew to Chicago where he arrived at 3:15 their time, and then he had a flight to London at 5:15. So as I type this, he's flying over the ocean and will land in London at 6:50am and then he'll have one more flight leaving at 8:35 for Rome where he'll arrive at 12:05pm :) He's going to be one tired missionary. 
I just love him so much and can't wait to begin the next part of our best two years :) 



  1. This made me smile the entire way through! Oh the memories.

  2. My Missionary was going to call last Tuesday when he went to Cali , but he forgot my number!! Can you say disappointed. I was sitting at home all day and every time the phone rung my heart jumped a million miles an hour. Can't wait till Mother's day

  3. Hey me too!!!!
    My missionary called me at the airport yesterday while he was between flights, I got to talk to him for half an hour! Best day of my life!!!! It was so good to hear his voice!
    I love your blog so much- GO MGs! :)

  4. I got to talk to mine for 45 minutes. My dad was at the airport at the same time as my missionary, so he found him and gave him the phone. Literally the best thing a girl could ask for:))

    Ps. Follow my missionary blog! Its brand new.



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