Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Skyping for Mothers Day!

It's this time of year again. The time when flowers bloom, the grass turns green again, and missionaries get to call/skype home for Mothers Day! :)
Jared's family is amazing and invited me over to be there when Jared would be Skyping them. Mothers Day was on Sunday, but he said he'd be calling on Saturday (May 11th). I woke up so early that morning, I was too excited to sleep any longer. It's like it was the airport phone call all over again, but even better! I got ready, tried to look as cute as I could, and rushed over to their house at 9:30am. I brought my laptop because his mom didn't have skype. When I got there, I gave his mom a little gift I made. I messed around on Photoshop and created this little gem.

Right as I turned on my laptop and signed into Skype, Jared was online and my heart started pounding :) I messaged him and said...

At this point, I had MAJOR butterflies. Knowing he was about to call. I was about to see his handsome face. I was about to hear his voice. Talking to me.. Looking at me... I was just about ready to pass out :)
He called and got to talk for an hour and a half! :) For the most part we all just sat in front of the computer and talked about his mission. I seriously loved every second. Getting to hear about his mission is my favorite thing to hear. I love hearing about his experiences, the members, his investigators, the food, etc... It was really nice though because at the end, his mom let me talk to him :) Just seeing/hearing him say, "Hey Beautiful! I've missed you!" was worth these two months apart. And I know that seeing him again after two years will have made the whole wait worth it :) And as you can tell.. We were both pretty happy :)

Here's just a little clip of our conversation when we were saying bye :( 
You know that awkward "We need to say bye but we don't want to.. so we're just going to sit here and drag out saying bye as long as we can" type of feeling.

It was also really nice talking to him because he gave me great advice about Italy and what to expect when I go there (In 21 days!!) Apparently I need to watch out for the Italian men. Yay.... Anyway! I am so grateful his family let me be a part of this :) My waiting battery is officially recharged and now I can't wait till Christmas! What? I didn't say Christmas.. I'm not already counting down till he gets to skype again. Psh, what kind of crazy person do you think I am? ;)

(232 days till Christmas.. :D)


  1. My gosh, this is awesome :) I'm so happy that you got to talk to him!

  2. This is so cute, but I must say, I'm so glad my wait is over. Reading this just makes me wanna cry thinking about waiting again. You're so strong, I could not do it a second time. I'm glad you got to talk to him and were able to have a great Skype call :)


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