Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dear Desiree, We are Pleased to Inform You....

I'm freaking out.
I've been accepted to work in Italy and Austria all summer long. And get paid to do so.
Is this really happening? Is this real life? 
I woke up 2 days ago to this email:

I'll get to spend my summer traveling every two weeks to different English camps throughout Italy and Austria. I'll be an English tutor working with kids from 7 - 14 years old. I'll be living with host families, and learning the language as much as I can :) Along with eating all their food... :)
Before Jared left on his mission, I told him I needed to get out and travel while he's gone. Then all of a sudden one day, the idea came to me. "Go work at a summer camp in Europe" So I started my research. Jared knew I was thinking about this as a possibility and totally supported it.

I know all you MG's will say, 
"Are you crazy? Why are you going to the same country your missionary is serving in? What if you run into him? Won't you wanna see him? Won't that be too hard?" 
But to them I say this: I have seriously been obsessed with both Italy and Austria ever since I was 10 years old. I was living in Virginia and an RM from Italy spoke in my home ward. That was the first time I'd ever heard an Italian accent. Since that day forward, I've come to love everything Italian. I used to tell my mom that I wanted to marry an Italian, I wanted to grow up and live in Italy, I wanted to go to BYU because they had Italian, unlike most schools, I would download Italian music, I would beg for Rosetta Stone in Italian, I have tons of books about Italy, etc.. Which is why the fact that Jared got called to serve his mission there blows my mind. Also, I do NOT want to see him while I'm there. And the chances of us just running into each other are so slim. It's not that small of a country. I have self control :) I'm not going to hunt him down. What girl in her right mind would want to do that? It would be distracting to the missionary, and I wouldn't get to hug him, so what's the point? 
I just couldn't be more excited :) I don't know where I'll be for all the camps, but I know I'll be spending my first week in Assisi. Take a look at this beautiful place:

I'm seriously dying over here. I'm so grateful for this amazing opportunity. It gets even better because my sister Paris has also been accepted and will be coming with me! :) 
I'm so grateful for the opportunities I've had to travel and grow within the last two years. I have lived in China, Hawaii and soon, Italy and Austria. Traveling for work or volunteer/service work is such a wonderful thing to do while you're missionary is gone. It helps you grow and develop as a person, and also makes time fly by :) So if you get an opportunity, don't be afraid to take it. Don't be afraid to do the things you never thought you'd be able to do. Most people would say, "How cool would be to get a summer job in Italy?" but they never really do anything about it. DO IT! 
Just two short months and I'll be able to call Italy "home" :) 
I can't wait!!
(this was us when we got the news)



  1. If you're interested in learning some Italian before I know a really great program I use for French and some Italian. It's called

  2. im so excited for you!! I'm totally obsessed since I was young it will totally be a great experiences. It seems we have a lot in common, not just being a missionary girlfriend.

  3. I just got home from Assisi!! Most beautiful place in the entire world. I fell in love instantly.

  4. how do you find a job like this?! i went to Italy 2 years ago because my band was invited to perform out there and have been in love ever since. I have been dying to find a way to go back! Can you give me all the details??:)

    1. I was just googling stuff about working at English camps in Europe :) I love traveling, and I'm an Education major so I was trying to find a summer job that would fit with travel and education :)
      I'm going with an organization called, "The English Camp Company". I'll be living with host families and traveling to different camps throughout Italy all summer. I'll be a tutor teaching English through games and activities. You can view their website here:

  5. How is this going? I assume you're there now. I've been thinking about applying!

  6. I've been really thinking about apply to the English Camp Company...did you love it? Could you give me any info that would be useful to know before applying? Thank you SO much.


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