Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wanted - Hunter Hayes (I'm Obsessed)

I am a HUGE Hunter Hayes fan. I heard Wanted on the radio the other day but thought it sounded different. Ever since then, I'd been searching for the "Wanted Pop Version" online but hadn't been able to find it. Until tonight... :) Click on the link below and take a listen. I love the original country version. Don't get me wrong. But this version is starting to grow on me.

My recent favorite has been Somebody's Heartbreak <3

And for all you MG's out there, I feel like this song down below is perfect for this time of year *cough* Valentines Day *cough*

Along with my Hunter Hayes fangirl moment.. Maybe you all don't know about some of his other amazing songs. Such as, Cry With You and Love Makes Me

I hope you all enjoyed this completely random blog post. Sorry it wasn't missionary related. But then again, it kind of was. A little bit.. Maybe?
Ok bye :) 

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