Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Hobbit!!

This past Thursday night, we went to the midnight (technically 12:15) premier of The Hobbit! 
First, I made sure I had plenty of snacks to enjoy. We brought:
  1. Homemade popcorn with white cheddar seasoning
  2. Pomegranate seeds (healthy yet so yummy)
  3. The best gummy bears in the world
  4. Dr. Pepper (gotta stay away, right?)
  5. Munchies (for Jared)
  6. And some homemade cookies :)

Funny side story: I bought the gummy bears from Orange Leaf (a frozen yogurt place over in Highland) because if you haven't ever tried them, they're the best gummy bears on the face of the planet. The flavors are just so good. So I went to Orange Leaf and filled up a cup that's usually used for Frozen Yogurt. The girl working gave me a kind of funny look. But who cares :)
We arrived at the theatre almost an hour early. It was completely packed. Like, it was hard to walk 5 steps in any direction. We had to wait for a while.
We were super excited :)

The movie seemed slow to me during the first half. Probably cuz I was seriously about to fall asleep at any second. But then the scene with Bilbo and Gollum came and I was awake the rest of the time. If you haven't seen it yet, GO SEE IT! 


  1. Just so you know, I really love your blog :) I actually just had my missionary leave, almost a month ago... so, I like reading about how you are preparing for yours to go! And that's so exciting!

    Anyways, I was wondering if you got any of your missionary things for Christmas, the ones you blogged about :) Like, the mug and the sweatshirt

    1. Kylie, congrats on one month down!! :)
      And I actually didn't get MG items for Christmas. My mom said I should expect some for my birthday though :) My birthday is in February. One month before Jared leaves. So she said they would be better for me to receive then :) But I'll definitely blog about it when I get them :)


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