Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm Sorry

Hey Girls,
I've gotten some of you upset by posting stuff about Jared. Although my blog is titled "Diary of a Missionary Girlfriend" I have now learned that you don't want to read about it from a diary point of view. This blog was supposed to be dedicated to my journey through the 2 years while my missionary is gone. Everything that happens. The good, the bad, the trying times, the good times, and everything in between. But because I have upset some of you, I'll refrain from posting about Jared. I'll keep this blog about my normal life and anything missionary related to Preston and our journey (Which means I probably won't be posting much because he's been acting very difficult lately). I have created a separate blog where I will talk about Jared, how it was to be dating, and stuff like that. Don't worry, I'll keep this blog updated :)
I started this blog as a personal diary for myself. I didn't know so many girls would start reading it. If I have helped any of you out in any way, I'm so glad I could help. Being a MG is such a hard thing to be. No matter what girls, never give up on what you know is right for you. If you know with all your heart that your missionary if the one for you, never give up. If you know that waiting and dating is what's right for you, then do it. Don't let anyone tell you what is right for you, other than Heavenly Father. And with that, you'll never go wrong :)


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that, but you shouldn't let other girls control what you post on your blog my dear :) Hahaha so what if they stop reading it? It's YOUR blog... not theirs right? It's YOUR life, not theirs!! You know I support you 110% and I'll miss hearing about Jared... and hoping to hear about Preston!!

    Just don't let other people affect you k?:) Your life is beautiful and I love every bit of it. No judgement here.

  2. I think it is a great thing that you are dating and keeping an open mind! :) I also loved hearing about your dating experience with Jared. Keep being awesome and sharing all of your experiences, I love hearing each of them, regardless of which boy that they are about!! :)

  3. Boo!!! Don't worry about what other girls say about Jared! He IS part of your waiting process so you should talk about him if you want to!

  4. i for one still am and always will be Team Preston ;) you know where i stand with that, but i do agree with Ashley that you should be able to write about whatever you want on YOU'RE blog! and you know i'll always love you either way :)

  5. You dont need to apologize for that. Your living your life the best way you can, and besides everything will turn out, just how they are suppose too! You have been such an inspiration to me even before i started my wait, and You've helped me keep an open mind too.

    Love ya, Des!
    You are one strong lady ;D

  6. Amen and AMEEEEENNNNNN!!!!! Heavenly Father has something different in mind for every. single. person. Just because waiting may be right for one person doesn't necessarily mean it will be right for another. And while waiting without dating may be right for some, that also isn't for everyone. No one knows you better than your Heavenly Father does and after that, yourself. No one has any right to tell you which direction you should be taking your life when you are following the guidance of your Father in Heaven. Some people won't be happy about your decision no matter what it is. Those people will get over it. I'm so proud of you for keeping an open mind and for following the answers you've received to your prayers. I am in the exact same position that you are currently in and I know that, for me, it was an extremely difficult decision to make. Deciding to date was even harder than waiting and not dating but after a lot of prayer I knew that's what was right at this point in my life. And I'm happy. And I can tell that you are happy as well. Sometimes Heavenly Father has different plans for us than we have for ourselves.
    I love you!!

  7. I think it is great and so important to date while your missionary is gone! i am also waiting for my missionary, and I am SOOO glad that I have been dating. In the end no one compares for me. And i am sure you are obviously going through the whole comparing thing in your head 24/7. You dont need a bunch of girls opinions in there too. And at least if anything it is nice to have some fun instead of having a bad case of the mope-ings every night! Preston is doing what he needs to do, and you are doing what you are supposed to do! Keep having fun! i am jealous, i want to be in hawaii! :)


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