Thursday, April 12, 2012

Angel, One Direction, New Hair? My Roomie, Lithuania, Preston, Randomness, etc...

It's Wednesday night.
I just finished my finals :) 
So I thought to myself, "Now that I'm not studying like a mad person... What should I do?"
And the idea popped into my head.
So here I am :) I'm going to throw a lot of random ideas and thoughts at you. Probably a little venting too. But here we go. 
This has been one of my favorite songs. Cody is adorable and if you haven't listened to him yet, you totally should. Just sayin'

Speaking of beaches (ok well we weren't talking about beaches, but I just watched Cody's video and there is a beach in it, so I got the thought of beaches in my head. Anyway..)
Me and my roomie who is leaving for the summer got our pictures taken at our beach the other day. 
I never wanna leave this place.
Preston sent me this picture during our email chat on Monday. He's still the same Preston he's always been :) And he's wearing the BYUH shirt I sent him.. hehe :) 

So, I really don't have that many baby names picked out. But ever since the first time I saw A Walk To Remember, I've always wanted to name my first son Landon. And I'm seriously going to. Preston is ok with it :) But now, I've decided on my second favorite boy name. Are you ready? It's...
I just love it. And of course, my inspiration came from.... 
Liam Hemsworth!
Although I'm "team peeta" I have always loved Liam Hemsworth, ever since The Last Song.
And my next inspiration came from Liam Payne. Ya'll know One Direction, right? Of course you do. Well, I think Liam is just freaking adorable. I kinda like him a lot.
Speaking of One Direction. I'm sure you've all heard What Makes You Beautiful. It's an amazing song. If you haven't listened to it yet, go do it now. But i also loooooove their song "One Thing" and think the music video is quite cute. 
p.s. I love the way they dress. 
Ok, moving on.. :)
I think I'm ready for another change in my life. I've been a pretty big fan of change every since Preston left. He's been gone 14 months and out of that 14 months I've only lived at home for 6 months of it. I like change :) So here's what I'm thinking. 
I wanna dye my hair.
I've been blonde forever.. I look the EXACT same that I did two years ago. It's time to mix things up. I'm thinking this color might be cool... :) 
Thoughts? Comments??? :) 
Also, while we're on the topic of "change" I've really really been thinking about going back with ILP to Head Teach in Lithuania summer 2013. Yeah... That's the summer after Preston gets home. And I know I'll want to spend every second with him. But for those of you who really know me, you know I have this appetite for traveling. I love it. I've always wanted to live in Europe too.
How could I pass up an opportunity to live in Europe for 4 months for FREE? 
I literally wouldn't have to pay anything.

Plus, they'd give me money to spend while I'm there
Plus, I'd get to visit places like Sweden, Latvia, Poland, Finland, Ukraine, Estonia.. etc..
Plus, I'd get to be around little kids :) (my FAVORITE!)
Plus, it'd look good on my resume, seeing as i'm majoring in Elementary Ed.
Plus, It's the same type of place where Preston is serving. Hungary wouldn't be too far away.
Plus, yeah...
It looks beautiful to me :) 
Anyway, I think this post is long enough now.
To those of you who read it, thank you for listening to my random rambling. 
Only one semester left until Preston is home. CRAZY!!! 
I love life and everything Heavenly Father has been blessing me with. I really am SUCH a lucky girl. I'd like to close this post with this quote that I've been trying to live by:

<3 <3 <3


  1. Hiiiiii, I've been following your blog for a while and I love it! First, I want the name Liam too! And then that color of hair is gorgeous. I've been blonde ... my while life haha. I think it'll be cute on you!


  2. I love that color of hair. You should do it!

  3. Soooo, I think we would be friends if I knew you IRL. 1. Liam is the name I have for my son as well, I got it from Liam Hemsworth after I fell in love with him in the Last Song! 2. Me and my bestie are possibly going to Lituania with ILP summer 2013 as well! :D 3: After my boy left for his mish, I totally dyed my hair that color. Ya. . . we'd be friends fo sho! :) Thank you for being my inspiration! :)

  4. Haha you and preston are so cute :P He seams like a really fun guy! You are lucky to have him and he's lucky to have you!

    P.s. that hair color is really cute! Your so brave :) Lol
    p.p.s. Liam and landon?! Those are the cutest boy names ever!


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