Friday, June 24, 2011

My Boyfriend is a Missionary

Guess what I got today????????? :D
(excuse the lack of makeup) 
Yep. That's TWO! These are two of the letters that got lost during my letter fast last month. They finally showed up! Which means his memory card showed up! I could not have been happier :) And his letters are getting even more amazing every single week :) I know that his mission has strengthened our relationship beyond words :) It's the most amazing thing.
After reading the letters and watching the videos I just sat there and thought about him.

Do you remember when you little, and how you'd honk at the missionaries and wave hi? Or how your family would have them over for dinner and you thought they were so old? Well, I was thinking about this. It's crazy to think that MY boyfriend is one of them now. I think it's amazing :)
He's a missionary! :) 

Love him :) 


  1. i think that allllllll the time! am i really old enough to have a boyfriend thats on a mission?! haha

  2. Awe:] So cute Desiree!! Jade told me to expect some videos in my next letter!! So excited!

  3. Cute!! Haha I love how he was so proud of "fading" his companion's hair

  4. so cute :) ah gotta love missionaries :)

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