Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anniversary Package to Him :)

I sent this envelope package to Preston today for our anniversary next week (July 8th @ 1:13am) :D
I know he's gonna love it :) It's nothing that special, but it's still special :) It consists of:
  • 20 pictures (mainly from the st. george MG roadtrip and just summertime)
  • A candy necklace. Candy necklaces have always been our thing :) 
  • 8 page letter
  • A "What I Love About You" book that I got from Walgreens. Can I just say, best thing ever! I highly suggest it. It asks questions and has fill in the blank pages. Questions like, "Our favorite memory together is" and "If it wasn't for you, I never would have:" and "If they made a reality show about us, It'd be called:" it was just really fun and I know he'll love it :) 
  • A DVD! He asked for it :) It's 16 minutes long of all our memories on video along with a slide show at the end to "Our Song" which is I Swear by All-4-One. 
  • And his favorite beef jerky. It couldn't be all lovey dovey stuff, right? :) 
So then of course, I got this from Preston the other day.
And he said I can't open it till our anniversary. How could he do that to me? I am going crazy. And I know it looks like a normal envelope with just a letter.. but it's not. It has stuff inside it :) a few little items... and.. I CANT WAIT! (I just noticed that the envelope matches my bedspread lol) 

Countdown till anniversary: 9 days

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  1. So can he watch videos of you? Is he allowed to do that?


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