Thursday, June 30, 2011

MG Slideshow :)

Facebook was stupid and removed the video because it violated privacy rules... So I'm hoping all of you girls will watch it on here!
It's nothing that special. It's just us and our boys :) Sorry that I probably left some girls out. But there were over 100 pictures that wanted to be put in and that would have taken a lot longer. So I included random ones :) I hope you all enjoy!!


  1. The picture at 6:19 is HILARIOUS!! Hahaha, Des, this was amazing! Turned about better than I thought it could :) I love that you added in missionaries at the end :) Thanks for doing this! It's awesome! Could you somehow email this to me?

  2. III LOVEEE YOU! I'm so happy you did this. I remember when I first joined I was watching all the videos and i loved them! I never thought about getting to be in one! Thanks for putting the time into this! You're the best ever!

  3. I wasn't in this but I just wanted to say it was super cute! You are so good at making videos and this idea was amazing :)

  4. Thanks for putting so many pictures of me and Elder Pitcher in! I was totally surprised! Thanks!! :) I can tell you worked long and hard on it!

  5. Gosh, Des this was SO DARLING! Thanks for putting this together! Made my night SO GOOD! :)

  6. Hello how are you? Where you bought that bear who appears in the video wearing Teddy elder? I am a MG also but I live in Brazil and here does not have these cool stuff. Pass Me your email or facebook. If you want to add me: Thalita Trevizani /



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