Friday, July 8, 2011

3 Years!!! :D

Oh my gosh. I cannot believe that today is our 3 year anniversary :) I could write a novel about our journey and memories but I won't. I just want to share some pictures of our journey thus far :)
When Twilight first came out, we made shirts and waited in line all day for the midnight premier :) He didn't even like Twilight.. But he liked me :) 
We went to Prom our Junior year since we had only started dating the summer before :) 
We also went to Prom our senior year :) 
We spent our 1 year anniversary up Provo canyon :)
He stayed by my side after I got my wisdom teeth out :) 
He took me to cool places like Squaw Peak :)
We got to visit Stanford University :)
We spent time on the beach in San Francisco :)
We also spent time at Huntington Beach the summer before :)
Then we graduated together :) 2010 baby!
Our 2 year anniversary was amazing :) We really like chocolate covered strawberries and martinelli's :)
July 4th 2010 :)
Fall 2010 I went away to college and he went away to Texas for a month. After he got home, I went home every weekend :) But we'd send a lot of pictures back and forth. Including this one :)
He would also come and visit me at school :)
This was 12 days before he got his mission call :) 
8 days after he got his mission call, we flew to Texas to visit his dad :) We also might have spent 12 hours in Cowboys stadium watching football... :) 
Our last Christmas together was amazing :) We were inseparable :)
Our favorite thing to do was to take the trax to slc and go to temple square and ice skate outside at Gallivan Plaza :) 
Feb 9th 2011 is the day he entered the MTC. But our story does not stop there ladies and gentleman :) it continues every single day :) 
Even though today is our anniversary and instead of being together like we are in all the pictures above, we are still together in heart :) 
"We really are doing this, and no one is gonna stop us :)" - Elder Preston Wright
I can't wait to find out what the next 3 years have to hold :)  


  1. this just made me so ridiculously happy :) awwwwww

  2. Beautiful and incredible post!!! :-D :-D

  3. you two make me love love more than i already do. i'm all nostalgic now. can i come to your wedding pleeeeease =)

  4. Invite me to your wedding! lol



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