Thursday, December 5, 2013

"Open When" Letters :)

Happy Holidays!!! :)
I've been working on these Open When letters for a couple weeks now. I had about 15 ideas written down but I only ended up doing 8 because it's finals week and the end of the semester is just too busy. And I'm such a perfectionist and if I know I don't have the time required to make them as good as I want them to be, I just won't even try haha. With that being said, I can't believe it's the end of the semester already! My mind is blown. Time flies. Is anyone else wondering how the heck this semester went by so quickly? Christmas is in 20 days!! I get to (hopefully) be there to Skype my sweetheart in only 20 days! And then, I leave for Hawaii in 27 days! I've been counting down to those two dates so much lately that I haven't even looked at my Jared countdown. I've found that counting down to little events along the way helps soooooo much. 
Anyway! Here are the letters I did for this package. Keep in mind, I will be sending more eventually :) 
Open When...
  1. You get this package
  2.  You're going to sleep
  3. You're bored
  4. You need to be reminded how much I love you <3
  5. You need a laugh :)
  6. On New Years Eve!
  7. You're sick
  8. You had a hard day/Need motivation

I also put some items inside the envelopes along with the letters. If you want to see some of the cool stuff I put in the letters, you can watch this video :)
I'm really excited for him to open them :) I'll be posting soon about everything I sent him for Christmas. 


  1. Desiree,
    Thanks for #StatesmanTies comment on Instagram. The "secret" holiday discount code is custom-made, since I see you are a MG. So, use the code, "totallyawesomegf" on my etsy site ( for 25% off any tie order.
    Thanks again! - Rob

  2. Hi :) I was wondering what do you do with the letter he sends you? Like where do you store them?

    1. I'm putting all my missionary's emails and letters in a binder, hole punched. I'm keeping them in order too so when he gets home we can look at them together. :)


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