Friday, February 10, 2012


Feb 9th 2012
(I know that was technically yesterday.. but it doesn't matter)
Preston has officially been gone for one year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 We have now passed the halfway mark. And now he only has 11 months left because he comes home in January. Seriously, yesterday I was freaking out. I walked out of my house and went to school, basically looking/acting like this...
So instead of writing about how excited I was. I'll just show you the video that contains all my happiness :) Enjoy!
p.s. I really do love him more than the day he left. I didn't expect the first year to be so easy. I can't wait to experience this next year. There's no way I'm not waiting for him :)
You can't tell. But in this picture I was dying inside. This was taken on the curbside at the MTC a year ago from yesterday. I just really can't believe we've come this far :)


  1. you seriously are the cutest person ever! i just love you so much :) haha

  2. And I would also like to say that I have the same jb calendar as you and my boyfriend has the same blue sweater Preston has that had the stripes on it!(: just thought it was cool(:

  3. YAY!! :) I am so excited for you.

  4. " I didn't expect the first year to be so easy." i feel the same way! I really thought it was going to be hard. But its just not! =)

  5. Reading through all of your posts definitely helps me realize what is to come with my soon to be missionary leaving next month. O:! I'm very happy that it's been a year for you already and I hope you stay strong~ :)

  6. YAY! I'm so, so happy for you! I miss you so much!

  7. im so happy for you. keep it up!!:). btw, i have my missionary but we're not committed but i just love him and i can wait for him.. how was that? :)

  8. Wow! Mine just left and I'm waiting on the first letter! Ugh! Talking about it makes me smile, I am so happy for My missionary and I am happy for you! I am also thinking of starting a blog then I can look back on it in two years. Good Luck!

  9. Just thought id give you some even MORE HOPE!!!! here's missionary I waited for! we just got engaged!
    heres a few videos

  10. Hey! i follow your blog regularly and i noticed you haven't blogged in like over a month and thats pretty weird for you...just wondering if you are ok? and still waiting? worried about you...


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